Ode to Misery

Chipped nail polish. Crusty mascara.
A Coca-cola and potato chip diet.
Trying to escape, but stuck in one place.
Faded jeans, ripped sneakers, shoelaces undone.
Smudged lipstick.
Whiskey, rum, vodka.
Learning a hard truth, unable to cope.
Greasy hair, worn, run down.
Filth, ruggedness, indecision.
The subtleties of misery.
In love, a house, security…dream.
An apartment, a dog, an unstable job…reality.
Instability, brokenness, stuck in the past.
Stubborn, selfish, naive.
Fake eyelashes, old makeup, dirty underwear.
Solitude, emptiness, old.
Wrinkles, lines, tired.
It’s not high school anymore.
Long lost love, regrets.
Cigarettes and stained teeth.
Stingy, grungy, smoke-filled rooms.
Crumpled up on the bed day after day.
Asleep, awake, asleep, awake.
Time goes by, nothing changes.
Life is what it is.
Quiet rooms, empty beer bottles.
Stains, burns, rips, scars.
Falling, bleeding, hoping, needing.
Missing, longing, crying, sleeping.
Everyday, all day, the next day and always.


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