Transient Light in the Countryside

Transient Light in the Countryside

This is me, enjoying life in the country. This is in Prince Edward Island in the field beside my grandparents house.

A Cherished Childhood

The trees hovered over the long, winding paths through the forest behind my grandparents house.

Everyday there was something new to discover.

A rowdy group of dirt-covered girls ran through the forest barefoot and brave.

We were young and wild and free.

Some days we were being chased by wild ravenous wolves, other days we had to sneak into old Pap’s cabin and steal food.

There were long hot days of traveling with bags of odds and ends at the end of our sticks.
The fields beyond the forest were full of mystery and excitement. The pond in the field was full of magic and uncertainty.

Our hair caught in the salty air, the ocean just across the way.

The adventures seemed to last forever.

We would steal bottles of soda from grandma’s basement and drink them out in the high grass of the fields where we couldn’t be seen.

We’d smoke pussy willows just to feel rebellious.

The sun was always hot and the ground was always rough on our feet.

No worries, no cares, no responsibilities. Just young, reckless and full of imagination.

Our childhood will never be forgotten. All six of us, now grown women, we will always have the memories of the days we ran through the bushes with our ratty clothes, sun-kissed skin, dirty feet and bags of treasures.

The country was our territory, our wonderland, our canyon of endless adventures.

We basked in our freedom. We indulged in all the riches of the sandy beaches, luscious fields, vast forests and the wonders of the ocean.

Our summers were like gold and candy. We lived in wild abandon. Children of the great unknown.

Forever in my heart, my girls, my friends, my sisters, we’re connected by our youth.
Bound to each other with love and a sea of unbreakable memories.

Our love of the countryside.

The Six of us When We’re Young
The Six of us a Little Older
The Six of us Now – This is us on My Wedding Day

Love you girls forever and always 🙂


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