Free Fall

This was just a small blurb I was inspired to write after watching some episodes of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, you know that show everyone is talking about, the zombie apocalypse? It’s a kick-ass show. And makes for some great “dark” creative writing!


Contemplating life or death.

I have to be on the edge of madness.

My fears become a subtle reality. Creeping in the dark corners of my life.

Deep melancholy. A world of sabatoge and the shrill aches of anxiety.

Nothing can compare to this madness that has overtaken me. It owns me.

Falling with no time for pit stops.

I only fall deeper and deeper as I try to come to terms with what I have become.

I think…It isn’t choice, it’s fate.

The blackness underneath me is drawing near.

Only now can I understand my fate. Once it hits me like a brick in the head.

It’s inevitable. So why try to stop it.

Free falling alone and unnoticed.

Free falling to my fate.

I close my eyes, and when l open them again I’ll be in a new place, a new life, a new world.

Only then can I know my sanity has returned to me.

It is in this life and only this life that we will fall to oblivion.

But it’s not the end. It’s not forever. We will rise again.


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