Robin Williams: Remembering his Brilliance



There is something so unnerving when we hear about an actor’s death. But it is even worse when it is an actor who you deeply, truly admired. He wasn’t only an actor but such a decent human being who brought a lot of joy to the people around him. He was truly legendary in his field of work. Many actors look up to him and shared deep bonds with him.

I follow him on instagram and twitter, and adore practically every single movie he was in. I didn’t know the depth of his drug addiction or even have the slightest idea of his battle with depression.  He was someone who always seemed to be smiling. But you never really know what is going on inside.

There was always something about his eyes. The depth to them. The mystery. There was something more behind the mask of being funny and loveable. He was fighting inside and no one will really ever know the extent of his personal struggles.

But at least, to us fans and his loved ones, he has left behind films reminding us of his great brilliance. We can go back and remember how he brought us feelings of love, joy, sadness, inspiration and laughter.

Here are some clips from his movies that I absolutely love, and I’m sure most people out there will agree.

Good Will Hunting (1997) If you haven’t seen this movie, you are missing out. Robin Williams can be more than just funny. He can make you run for the tissue box! He plays a psychologist helping a troubled but genius kid (Matt Damon) who was abused by his father and refuses to use his intelligence to succeed in life because he thinks he deserves to be a low life.

Patch Adams (1998) This movie is the perfect mixture of comedy, romance and drama. You laugh, you cry, you feel inspired. He plays the role of a former psychiatric patient who decides he wants to become a doctor, and Robin Williams kills it! He is pure genius.

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) This is a war movie, a comedy, a drama, and Robin Williams will blow you away once again. His character becomes a radio host for the soldiers, keeping their spirits up during the war in Vietnam.

Dead Poet’s Society (1989) A great film for those who appreciate poetry, literature and the zealous nature of a charming english teacher. Robin Williams teaches a group of boys how to the seize the day!

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) This is a classic of the comedy genre. He plays a husband/father grieving over losing his kids in a divorce, and decides to dress like a woman to become his kids’ nanny so he can see them regularly. Who wouldn’t want to see Robin Williams dressed in a fat woman suit, talking in a british accent and being one bad ass old lady.

Aladdin (1992) Who can forget the memorable Genie from Aladdin. When I was a kid, I had no clue who Robin Williams was…but I always remembered the Genie and his fanatical voice. He made this cartoon movie come alive!

Hook (1991) Everybody loves Peter Pan! Robin Williams plays the grown up Peter Pan who is brought back to Never Land once his kids are kidnapped…to save his children he has to transform himself back into Peter Pan by finding his imagination again. He will have you laughing and wishing you were a kid again in this classic!

These are my favorites, but he also gave amazing performances in “Jack” (1996), “Jakob the Liar” (1999), “The Fisher King” (1991), “One Hour Photo” (2002), “Jumanji (1995), and “What Dreams May Come” (1998). I suggest you watch them all! And not to mention his stand up comedy. Robin Williams, you will be greatly missed, you have so many fans, so many people that love you, and we only wish we could have helped in some small way so that you didn’t have to go through with what you did. So here is to remember a wonderful guy, a legendary actor, your brilliant talent will never be forgotten.


…Miss Blue…



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