A Maritime Wedding Reception

On August 8th, I took a road trip with my sister and her 3 friends, 2 from Ottawa, and 1 from Newfoundland, to PEI for my sister’s wedding reception. It was kind of an informal wedding, with no ceremony, just food and a dance, speeches, and of course pictures! My sister had her wedding ceremony back in December, and just did her party/reception later. So the overall experience of the weekend consisted of rushing around, chaos, setting up the reception hall and attempting to get the entire wedding party together at the same time to go and get pictures done before the the rain came and prevented it all from happening. The party was originally being set up outside in my Aunt’s beautiful backyard, but since it was raining heavily on and off all day, we had to bring everything inside the little reception hall. It was a little crazy but it all managed to get done! Here are some shots of the day, taken by my sister’s friend with my Nikon D60 SLR, and then edited by me in photoshop.

The first few are of the bridesmaids.






The fam! Me, mom and dad with my sister.

DSC_0194_edit3_screenMe and my husband.


Everyone together!DSC_0220_edit2_screen

I took these ones of bride and groom and the groom’s family.



My brother in law with my cousin’s daughter.

And lastly, I took this pic of my sister with her two friends from out of town.


All the pictures were taken in my Aunt’s beautiful backyard in Argyle Shore, PEI. The weather managed to stay tame for us while we got them done. My aunt was good enough to take some more pictures with her even more fancy camera, and she will be sending them my way soon! I will be editing and posting some of those as well. Like, comment, share, let me know your thoughts!

PS: Check out my photography and graphic design portfolio blog for more shots I took of the wedding day, http://caitlincahillonline.wordpress.com/

…Miss Blue….







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