The Power of Selfishness

drawing I did in 2004

There is a power, a power so great, it takes hold of your heart, and then its too late.

It starts to define you, and take you away from what you once knew.

The damage is deep, but you don’t see it coming, it is smooth, it is slick, it is undeniably cunning.

A motherless child, a heartbroken spouse, the death of a loved one, your time has run out.

It starts with misfortune, and turns into resentment. The anger you feel can render you senseless.

The power feels good at the start, you think you can control it, you think you owe it to your broken heart.

But beware of its grip that grabs hold so tight, it can wriggle inside you and wreak havoc on your spirit, mind and sight.

The power is like a blanket of hate that slowly descends upon each spiteful act, you abandon reason for madness, you feel the need to attack.

You can lose hope, friends, love, and kindness, it feasts on those things and gains more strength from your blindness.

Don’t let this power of selfishness overtake you. The power won’t stop spreading until you let go of what hurt you.

To be selfless seems like an impossible feat, but anyone can master it, you don’t need to lie, steal and cheat.

Take care of your heart, before everything around you begins to fall apart.

Forgive and forget, believe, pray for healing, being selfish will never fix all the hurt you’ve been feeling.

Don’t drive out your friends, the people that love you, because in the end when you need someone most, they will be the ones you can come to.

…Miss Blue…


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