And then She Saw Him…

This is a little tid bit of a dream I had a little while ago. It felt very real! I woke up feeling like I just finished reading an incredibly good romance novel. So anyhow I decided to make a little short written piece about some of that dream. It could have potential for a future novel! Who knows…but I haven’t done much creative writing in a while, so this is much needed. And I intend to do a lot more. Hope you guys like it!

She examines him from a distance. Watching his every distinct movement. She is in awe of him. The way his eyes gleam when he smiles. His hair ever so lightly dusted with perspiration from the sun’s heat. The way his hands move so fervently during is conversations. She is so in love. But at a price. She could never really be with him. He is married. Her young love is so innocent and inescapable. She is undeniably his and he didn’t even know it. His eyes are warm and gentle when he looks at her. All she wants is for him to know her true feelings. Having to condone the excitement of her heart grew tiresome. Could she possibly live this way forever? The lowly quiet existence of never having her feelings emitted. She looked down at her hands, picturing his holding hers. Imagining a life that could never be. It hurt to look at him. This beautiful man of resilience, vivaciousness, with such a deep compassion and love for people. Children cling to him, men look up to him, women adore him. He is a splendid spirit. She walks along the edge of the field watching him tell the children his stories with such enthusiasm. She smiles when he waves to her. She grazes the tips of the pussy willows with her fingers, watching him, imagining him walking beside her, hand in hand, proclaiming their love to one another. Could she not but dream? This is her only escape.

They met so unexpectedly for the first time at a book store. They both reached for the same book. Touched hands so briefly. He excused himself and smiled kindly at her. The instant she looked into his eyes in their moment of interaction caused something to flutter inside her. He was the absolute dream of a man. Tall, dark wavy hair, green, blaring eyes full of life, the most sincere smile. He was wearing a charcoal grey pinstriped suit, slightly worn, scuffed brown shoes, a rounded beard that he kept in clean condition. He tipped his hat to her as he apologized for interrupting her browsing. He chuckled softly and moved away to let her have the book they simultaneously grasped for. She felt her cheeks get warm during this moment. She was an 18 year old girl sprouting into her womanhood, who immediately knew she had helplessly fallen in love at first sight. He was a thirty one year old father of two, married to a woman who was bed ridden from taking sick over a year ago and had never quite recovered. She only found all this out by desperately asking around. She heard his name when the store clerk was bidding him goodbye at the book store that day. Thomas Donnelly. Apparently a regular customer. His name, the sight of him, his mere existence was all she could think about from that day forward.


…Miss Blue…

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