Enter Year 2015


Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions.

I honestly have never made any. Here and there I have said, “oh I will do such and such this year, or I will change this, I will reach this goal…”etc etc. But truly setting in motion things that mean something to me. Things that are embedded in my bones. Things I want to see happening in my life for good. I have never really thought about it…

So here I am, pondering away at what means most to me in life. I am very different from my 19 year old self. I’m not single, broke, confused, uncertain, undecided, or floating along a path full of mediocre happenings, changing direction at every moment. My 26 year old self has new passions, and new desires in life. I will be 30 in 4 years! Yes, I am still young, but I feel like I am running out of time for some reason. 2015 seemed unreachable at one point. But now its here, and I feel a sudden urge for doing life right!

If I were to list resolutions, in order of importance, in real written words. What would they be…I believe, something like this:

1. Destroying the Debt

My young and naive self never fully understood the meaning. Credit cards were just an easy way of getting what I wanted when money wasn’t right at my fingertips. A way of not having to spend the “real” dollar until “later”. A student loan was, besides pay my tuition, a nice easy way to comfortably buy all my art supplies to my heart’s content, eat out at the college cafe everyday, live off of Tim Horton’s coffee and bagels during my frequent “all-nighter” projects. Fast forward 5 years later, married, no job, with credit cards and my student loan payments about to begin. It really hits you. Now its like a big elephant in the room, everyday. Knowing my income really isn’t my money, because I owe so much of it. Debt is brutal and this is the year to really make a dent in it. My Mister and I are making it our number one new years resolution.

2. Consistency

One of my biggest flaws. Staying consistent with things. I tend to start things and not finish them. Whether it be a new fitness routine, a healthier way of eating, a hobby, a book, a painting, a story, a personal project, tithing at church, doing my devotions, keeping up with my BLOG for crying out loud. I start them and stay on track for a while, but then the interest dwindles, or I get distracted with life, I lose motivation. It is SUCH a ridiculous bad habit that I very much intend to change this year. Staying consistent through each and every task and seeing things through to completion.

3. Travel

I have so much wanderlust in my soul. An immense desire to travel to new places. Sadly I haven’t been many places. I know I may only be able to travel short distances this year because of Goal #1 but, even to get outside my own province, or city for that matter is worth it! Weekend getaways. Oceans, lakes, forests, mountains, anything new and different. This year I want to have lots of little trips. And then the time will come for the big ones!

4. Being Content, no matter the Circumstance

This is a big one too. I find I have always struggled with this. Being content seems to be an impossible feat! The world we live in is one giant candy shop where you can never seem to get enough of the good stuff. Advertisements, social media, television, you name it. Everywhere you go someone is trying to sell you something. Trying to tell you you aren’t good enough, that you don’t have enough stuff, you need more, you need this, you need that. How is one supposed to be happy with what they have when everything is being shoved before your eyes on a silver platter every day? I am very thankful for what I have, and the people I have in my life, and I have absolutely NO reason to need more. Even if I never get to travel like in Goal #3, I need to be content in the home and province and country God placed me. Even if I don’t ever get my “dream home”, or write a novel, or make more money etc. I need to be content. The absolute worst thing to be doing is wishing for more stuff and a better life. I am very blessed. So this year I strive to be CONTENT with my wonderful life.

So there it is, some things to motivate me this year and keep me busy! It is a year of change I think. And true accomplishments. Even though these might be small, they are meaningful. Happy new year everyone! I wish you all well on your resolutions and new year endeavors!

…Miss Blue…


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