Ode to Summer

She sat on a bench outside a quirky little candy store. Her thrift shop sunglasses, slightly crooked on her face, sucking on a juicy raspberry lollipop, her auburn hair blowing in and out of her sticky mouth. She watches the busy people in the busy street pass her by. She was especially excited to wear her DIY cut off, high-wasited denim shorts and her vintage Gun N Roses t-shirt with white paint splatter (from that time she painted her neighbour’s fence white with her obnoxiously, awesome best friend while drinking spiked kool-aid 2 summers ago). She swung her legs back and forth on the bench, every so often glancing at her favorite converse shoes, scruffy and worn. She relished the day found them at a thrift store for $4, and will wear them until the seams no longer hold them together. This it it! Sweet, sweet summer. She smiles with red-stained lips. Life is as it should be.

found on pinterest
found on pinterest

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