We Can’t Be This Blind…

copyright protected – property of miss blue

I get the feeling that I’m running away. In my subconscious everyday.

I get the feeling that you don’t want to stay, so I’m running away, don’t mind my dramatic display.

How is it that things can fall so fast, I’m confused inside, why can’t good things last.

I don’t know how to express these feelings and fears which tangle me up and bring me to tears.

You are someone who knows me from the depths of my being. Who showed me all the important things I was missing.

Yet suddenly a darkness creeped in and smothered the fire that was blazing so fiercely, the gripping force became undeniably piercing.

The seams came undone and we drifted apart, before we could save it, we were left in the dark.

I am running away in my mind everyday, to keep from the reality of our utter dismay.

I don’t want this life to fade into nothing, you are the only person who made me feel like I’m something.

I can’t explain the crash and burn, it’s a build up of things that made us take this wrong turn.

I have a poison inside now that I don’t know how to release, I just want us to be at peace.

Finding you was the best thing I’ve ever done, I have no doubt in my mind that you are the one.

No matter what in our future lies, I want you, I need you, just open your eyes.

Doubt creeping in, my fear is telling me to hide. But I’m going to fight this depression that’s festering inside.

I love you beyond the obstacles life puts in our way, you mean more to me than any bad thoughts or mistakes that we go through each day.

I know we’re a mess; we’re both hurting inside, but we love each other, we can’t be this blind…

I get the feeling we can fight through the damage. I know, if we try, our love can be salvaged.

…Miss Blue…


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