Where have you gone?

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I’m angry. Angry at you for thinking only of yourself. I want to be happy to see you, but it’s always bittersweet. I want to tell you how I feel, but I can’t because I don’t want our relationship to be ruined. I want to tell you, you are better than this. You’re letting your selfishness betray you and your morals. Your choices are affecting more than just you. Do you see what you’ve become? I know you are loving and kind and care about those you love, but don’t you see you’re hurting us? Don’t you see you betrayed us? Its a conscious decision. A deliberate choice. You could make it right but you are choosing to do the wrong thing. And it is wrong. Its wrong no matter how you look at it. I know you, I know you are better than this. I have seen you at your best. And your best is THE best. You’re admirable, you’re kind, you’re appreciative, you’re discerning, you’re loving, you’re gentle, you put others before yourself, you’re considerate. All those things have all but disappeared when you made your decision. Why do you spend time with people that add no value to your life? They have no good influence on you. They only feed the wrong desires. You’ve turned to lies and secrets. I never feel like you are being completely honest. I always feel you are hiding something from me. How do I trust you anymore?

I want you to be who you were again. You were everything, my role model, my friend, my leader. I respected you so much. I don’t know who this is anymore. Please come back to us. I love you.

…Miss Blue…


2 thoughts on “Where have you gone?

  1. I was living this nightmare, in fact part of my heart still bleeds for my ex daily. My ex chose drugs over a family and life together. He has opportunity after opportunity to change and get help but refused to see what was in front of him. I questioned myself daily if I was enough for him. I cried myself to sleep and miss him everyday but I also know by standing there holding his hand and trying to make our relationship stronger it was doing more harm than good.

    I don’t know your situation but I urge you to stay strong and love openly. Don’t ever think any of this can be changed by you. Everyone has their own choices and decisions to make and you have yours
    Good luck I hope he comes back to you x

    1. Hey Kirsty, thanks for the kinds words, this isn’t actually about my partner, its about someone else dear in my life, I just didn’t want to expose his identity. I’m using my blog to kind of vent about it. Its a good outlet for my feelings.

      I hope things are better for you now, and sorry to hear about that situation you went through! I know many people that went through those situations. xoxo

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