A Tid Bit of Me

Call me Miss Blue 😉 So I am this 26 year old girl who is happily married, and is currently residing in the beautiful East Coast. What do I do? I graduated from college with Graphic Design in 2011. I do freelance work, sell my own designs online, I am an aspiring photographer, and have a day job as an IT Assistant.

Writing is also a big part of my life, always has been. I’ve kept journals ever since I was a tot, and continue to do so. I started writing a novel some years ago that I DO plan on finishing someday. But such is life…busy, busy life. Writing is a huge “zone out of the stresses of life” kind of pleasure for me, this blog being part of that.

So what else can I say other than, I hope you enjoy my randomness, my obnoxious and utterly useless rants, and stories. Just be nice, don’t judge, and I hope to meet some lovely blogging intellectuals during my blogging endeavours! Feel free to drop me a line any time!


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