My Experience with NO INTERNET at Home – Entry #1

Happy Tuesday everyone! The last few posts I made have been a little on the depressing side…going through some stuff in my life, and venting it on my blog has been something new and different for me. Sometimes going through hard times can spark some of my very best creative writing pieces, believe it or not!  But I’d like to lighten it up a little bit today with something really new, challenging and kind of exciting for me.

My Mister and I have decided to cancel our internet! The reason behind it is a few different things. First of all, we are currently going through a bit of a Money Makeover together. We’re trying to pay off debt the fastest and most efficient way possible, which meant cutting back on a lot of indulgences and frivolous spending. So we cut down the amount of eating out, we budget everything out each month, split every expense up into different envelopes and stick to the budget as best we can, and putting all extra funds into our debt. Which, surprisingly, you can come up with quite a bit of extra money each month to put on debt when you really watch your spending. It is crazy how much the little things added up.


Anyways, ages ago we had cancelled our gym memberships (an extra $80 a month) and we cut back on our phone bills somewhat. Then we started shopping at grocery stores with discounts and sales like instead of Sobeys or Superstore (which are ridiculously overpriced) we would settle for Wal-Mart, or local markets for discounted prices. I have always loved supporting local businesses so this was a great way to support local markets and save money at the same time! It’s crazy the amount of money we were saving. Plus once or twice a month we would stock up on certain foods at Costco, foods that we go through quickly, and it really works!local

So we were doing really well, but suddenly our internet bill decided to jump from $60 a month to $90 a month. Hooray!! Not…we weren’t pleased. Now, we are the type of couple that watches a lot of Netflix, and we are on our phones a lot, because we work really long days. So our evenings tend to be laid back and lazy after a long day. I take the bus to and from work, and it is normally a 45 min bus ride both ways. So its like having a 10 hour work day. And Mister works 10 hour days not including travel time. So needless to say, we are pretty exhausted at the end of the day. But we soon decided, paying $90 a month for internet (and this is like the lowest package, not including cable or land-line or anything) was just a waste of money. So after a lot of thought and major procrastinating, we finally cancelled it.


This is our third week of having no internet at home, and this is what I have discovered so far. First of all, it has been difficult! Not being able to check my Facebook or Snapchat my friends in the evenings was hard. I found myself using my phone data way more than usual just so I can check Facebook or emails and whatnot. I also found it really difficult not to have Netflix on hand to watch our favourite shows. BUT the good things that happened were, we ate at the dinner table for supper, instead of in front of the TV. We ran errands one night that normally get done on weekends, which no one really likes using up their weekend running errands, so that was nice getting that out of the way early on in the week. We spent one night drawing in our sketchbooks, which is something I love doing but found myself never having time or motivation for it being so distracted with the TV or my phone. We got out some books from our book shelf that was gathering dust, and started getting in bed an hour earlier so we could read together quietly before going to sleep. Which, I have always loved to read, but honestly technology totally took over that part of my life for many years, and I hadn’t really sat down and enjoyed a good book without distractions in a long time it seemed like. AND the other cool thing we did, is we went to an ACTUAL movie store and rented ACTUAL movies. It was really fun planning legitimate movie nights instead of having a movie night like every night. So we rented movies so that we could have a movie night on Friday night. I’m actually loving going to the movie store. Its very nostalgic. Mind you it costs alot more than $8 a month for Netflix. But it helps us to just minimize our movie/tv time by knowing we have to spend $6 per movie. It definitely adds up quick, so we know to plan out our movie nights carefully for when we have that extra entertainment cash.


So all in all, it is going well. We rented several movies the last couple weeks, but that won’t be a habit. We found ourselves trying to ween off the movies/tv time haha. But I can see us being so much more productive, and finding new hobbies, going out on little dates together instead of sitting in front of the TV, having more quality time together, and all the while SAVING money. So this is a super cool experiment and I’m super excited to continue with it. I mean, we have free wifi almost everywhere these days, so if we really need it, a library or a coffee shop is only a short drive away.

I definitely recommend anyone to try this out! See how it works for you! I plan to keep you all updated through my blog on how this process is going and all the different and new things I find myself doing without being stuck on my phone or TV 🙂

Biscuit Eaters Cafe in Mahone Bay – Coffee & Chess date 🙂

…Miss Blue…

(quotes images found on pinterest, Chess in Coffee shop image taken by me)