T’is the season! Christmas Designs great for gifts!

Hey everyone! So some of you may know I have another website that is my online portfolio of all my designs. Some of which I sell online and some of which are work I’ve done for clients. But I have decided to just combine the two websites into this one blog so everyone can see everything just from this one site. So much easier! Plus I want all my followers to be able to see my work 😊 So without further ado, I would like to show you my most recent Christmas designs that I have for sale right now on my Redbubble page! They come on a number of different products! These are great Christmas gift ideas. And if your order before midnight tonight there is a 20% off special! Just use the code “perfect20-caites” at checkout!

I hope you’ll all go take a look at my work! Thanks so much everyone! 😊



I Come in Blue

Good afternoon!

Today is a good day. I found a beautiful summer scarf that is my FAVORITE shade of blue and matches a shirt I got online that is also my FAVORITE shade of blue. These types of insignificant things make me happy…okay! They just do. So here I am showing it off.


That is the highlight of my day…my blue scarf and my super witty and clever “I Come in Blue” while doing the peace sign…haha…get it? Ugh, nevermind.

It’s Tuesday. It’s wet and rainy, and yes my umbrella blew inside out like 5 times during a five minute walk down the street. It was PRETTY unfortunate. But hey…I did buy a couple treats to cheer me up. A strawberry passion flake…and some bits & bites. YES I KNOW…SOOO unhealthy. I am having an unhealthy day, I’m having salt and sugar, and I can’t help it because my only option was a 5 minute walk to the convenient store since its horrid outside. BUT on the bright side, before that, I had some greek salad, and my Green Tea, and before THAT I had my super awesome spinach, kale, strawberry & pineapple smoothie! So I did eat some good stuff today. And hey an apple & banana later for moral support? Oh gosh I’m a dork.

BAD FOOD + banana
BAD FOOD + banana

You want to know something that is awesome? It is SOOOO close to summer. With the weather we are having it is hard to tell…but it’s okay! Because you can’t stop time! It keeps going, and eventually it will warm up, summer will arrive! It’s inevitable! I am getting so excited for summer. I am planning a lot of cool things. I may hit up a couple concerts, a DEFINITE camping trip (or two), possibly a trip to Six Flags, a trip to Ontario for my best friend’s wedding in August. AND let’s not forget the infinite amount of time I plan to spend at the BEACH. OMG I will be there any chance I get.

BUT BEST OF ALL. I am super excited about the ideas I have for some summer designs that I’ll be putting on RedBubble for t-shirts, tank tops, wall art, mugs and more! I have had barely any time or motivation lately to work on anything…but I feel the creative juices flowing lately and there will be some upcoming late night designing to be had! YAY! I don’t know how many of you know about my work on Redbubble and that I design and paint and draw etc. BUT if you don’t please check out my stuff you can buy online (www.redbubble.com/people/caites). Okay so this was kind of a random post about a lot of random, but i just mostly wanted to express my excitement…over my blue clothes, my junkfood, and my summer IDEAS. Talk to you soon guys!!!

…Miss Blue…