T’is the season! Christmas Designs great for gifts!

Hey everyone! So some of you may know I have another website that is my online portfolio of all my designs. Some of which I sell online and some of which are work I’ve done for clients. But I have decided to just combine the two websites into this one blog so everyone can see everything just from this one site. So much easier! Plus I want all my followers to be able to see my work 😊 So without further ado, I would like to show you my most recent Christmas designs that I have for sale right now on my Redbubble page! They come on a number of different products! These are great Christmas gift ideas. And if your order before midnight tonight there is a 20% off special! Just use the code “perfect20-caites” at checkout!

I hope you’ll all go take a look at my work! Thanks so much everyone! 😊